We'll be back shortly!


If you are looking for the old SolSketch, we are currently in the process of a major company growth spurt. The site will be back shortly.

Our Growth Spurt

What started as a project to build out a distributed manufacturing system, demonstrated by some fun products, has led to our next phase of growth. SolSketch's true vision is to create a next generation ERP and supply chain system for retailers, a system designed to allow physical retailers to compete with Amazon. We've been working very hard for the past few months hidden away in our programming cave. We'll shortly unveil more details.

Cheers to our first year!!!

Our first year with our first system blew away our expectations... We served over 40,000 customers! Providing artistic and design-your-own options, we served up cases for cell phones and iPads, laser engraved bamboo cases, skins, and canvas artwork. But it's just the beginning. Can't wait to unveil our new site.